Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) in Process and Innovation

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New ideas, products, and processes can move our world and make life smarter, healthier, and greener. But innovation never happens on its own. Therefore, we need BEng graduates in process and innovation who can work professionally with creativity, concept development, and entrepreneurship. We need you who want to change society for the benefit of people.

Process and Innovation provides you with the tools needed to lead and develop an innovation process. The study programme always has people at the centre - both when you learn to design user-friendly solutions, facilitate creative processes, and develop new products that involve the customer. All the way, you are surrounded by other curious students who share your passion for innovation.

With a BEng in Process and Innovation, you can help find answers to the big questions facing our world. You can lead the development of new sustainable technologies. You can lead the team that breaks the code for a brand-new product, or you can implement augmented reality in healthcare. It all depends on what you want.

With an education in process and innovation, you are ready to work on the ideas that shape the future.