Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) in Software Technology

Students developing software
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Every day we are surrounded by software. It is in our smartphones, robots, and cars, and it performs important tasks at everything from hospitals to banks. With a Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) degree in software technology, you become a specialist in the latest software trends and will be ready to create the systems that in the near future will change our lives.

Software technology is an ever-developing field. The pioneering technology ten years ago seems old-fashioned today. Software systems have also become more complex and play an increasingly fundamental role in society. That’s why we need skilled engineers who can develop the systems that connect our world.

Software engineers are behind the smart appliances we use every day. They are developing the next major technological breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and modern search engines, and they use new software solutions to pave the way for the green transition.

If you choose the BEng programme in Software Technology, you will be the one who can create effective digitalization, optimize everything from production to climate solutions, design interfaces, or optimize transport and infrastructure.

Software Technology is an application-oriented programme that will make you attractive in industry and equipped to develop the software we cannot do without.