Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) in Electrical Energy Technology

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Right now, some of the most important questions are: How do we create, consume, and distribute energy? And how do we design energy systems to make energy sustainable and benefit everyone?

By choosing the Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) programme in Electrical Energy Technology at DTU, you will help find the energy solutions that form the basis for our society—now and in the future.

With global warming, Denmark and the rest of the world’s energy systems are facing a major change. We therefore need engineers who want to work with electrical energy and find specific answers to how to realise the green transition.

In the Electrical Energy Technology programme, you will work with the latest technology while building expert knowledge on how electrical energy can be produced, distributed, and used. After three and a half years, you are ready to enter the job market and help develop the solutions.

Companies and the rest of society need engineers in electrical energy technology, as they will help ensure that new energy products fit the electricity system and work for everyone. They design systems for controlling wind turbines and solar installations. They ensure the operation of the electricity grid. They explore how Denmark’s electricity system will be ready for all the electric cars in the pipeline.

If you study Electrical Energy Technology, you can leverage the technology to address complex challenges that can only be solved by engineers.