Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) in Computer Engineering

Robot programming
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Computer Engineering students learn how to design, develop, and implement intelligent functions in all types of devices and systems. We are surrounded by intelligent technology with functions to make our everyday lives simpler, more fun, and safer—that we rarely think about. Intelligent technologies are making inroads everywhere—in toys, washing machines, cars, safety, personalized medicine, and much more. As an Computer engineer you can help bring the latest technologies into play, to the benefit of people and society.

What will you learn?

The focus of the Computer Engineering study programme is on where IT and electronics overlap. The programme is designed to make you fully familiar with both software and hardware. You learn to use the most common programming languages and development tools, and acquire knowledge about different hardware platforms and components, and all kinds of data communication.

This gives you the skills you need to assess how hardware and software best interact, and to develop the software systems required. You learn how to manage the entire process from original idea and specification of requirements, through analysis of options, to design, programming, testing, implementation, and operation. Put briefly, you learn how to develop the intelligent devices and systems of the future.

Study programme structure

The first two years of the programme consist of mandatory courses that give you a solid foundation for hardware platforms and programming. Computer Engineering focuses on intelligent functions in systems, with an emphasis on hardware. You will be taught computer science and software development, as well as digital electronics and embedded systems. From semester 5 you specialize through electives based on your interests, leading up to your internship in semester 6 and your final BEng project in semester 7, done in cooperation with a company.


Career opportunities

Computer engineers are typically employed by companies that develop intelligent electronic products, or media and software companies. You could also be employed in a company that develops smart products. Example job titles include systems developer, technical consultant, or IT consultant.