Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) in Electrical Engineering

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The world is filled with electronic controls and systems. On the Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) programme in Electrical Engineering, you will be equipped to design electronics and develop the associated software that permeates our lives and can move our world.

From small, but significant everyday details to big societal changes. In this huge span, electrical engineers create solutions that make a difference for people—and for the planet. They develop hearing aids. They build helpful robots. They design filters that clean dirty water and build controls that optimize wind turbines and other green technologies.Every day, electrical engineers use technology to come up with specific answers to all kinds of questions.

If you study Electrical Engineering, you may be the one who will protect others from accidental monitoring, optimize green energy, or ensure vital treatment for the citizens.

The world is based on electronic systems that play an increasingly important role in our lives. That means that as a graduate electrical engineer, you can get jobs in virtually all industries and social functions.

With a BEng in Electrical Engineering, you will be called upon to create solutions that improve our everyday lives and change our future.