Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) in Electrical Engineering

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Our daily lives are full of advanced electronics that make a difference to people and society. For instance in the healthcare sector, environmental and climate monitoring, as well as sustainable production and industry.

By choosing the Electrical Engineering programme, you can help design new advanced electronic and automated solutions from the idea phase to the finished product.

What will you learn?

The Electrical Engineering programme will give you sound application-based skills in electronics and programmable systems.

You will study mathematics, electromagnetism, electronics, circuit engineering, programming, and signal processing, and learn to develop analogue and digital electronic systems.

This will give you the tools to solve many of the challenges that come with the development of high-tech products, automation tasks, etc. The programme will focus on creating solutions for individuals and society.

Degree programme structure

The mandatory courses during the first year of study give you a solid knowledge base on which you can build.

Later in your studies, you’ll select electives and specialize in the area that interests you most. For example, you can specialize in electronics design, where you can develop modern measurement and instrumentation equipment, or in sound and acoustics, where you can work on designing and developing microphones, speakers, hearing aids, etc.

As part of the programme, you must do an internship in a company where you gain experience in solving real engineering tasks within your subject area.

The programme concludes with an engineering internship project, which is normally completed in partnership with a company. Examples of companies include Danfoss, GN ReSound, Radiometer, Ørsted, Oticon and B&O.

Career opportunities

A degree in electrical engineering opens the doors to many different types of jobs.

For example, you can work within design, product development, construction, project engineering, maintenance, consulting, marketing, sales, and service and project management in electronics and IT companies.

You will also have good career opportunities with manufacturing and consultancy companies or as a self-employed entrepreneur. For example, many graduate engineers are employed as development engineers in companies such as GN Store Nord, B&O, Demant, Oticon, Brüel & Kjær, and Terma.