Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) in Healthcare Technology

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A healthier, longer, or better life. This is what many people dream of. Every day, engineers develop technology that can make those dreams come true. If you choose the Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) programme in Healthcare Technology, you will be the one who can provide people with a healthier future.

The world’s population is growing. The same goes for our average age. Combined, this presents a number of complex healthcare challenges. Fortunately, engineers in health technology are constantly developing new solutions that change the landscape for what can be alleviated and treated.

In the study programme, you will work with complex challenges while learning how to create specific technological answers. This is where technology meets people. Therefore, the study programme mixes the social and healthcare sectors with the technological and engineering disciplines, equipping you to create change in the healthcare sector.

After three and a half years, you’re ready to work on everything from early diagnosis of serious diseases to advanced treatment technology.

But how you personally want to work with health technology is entirely up to you. Whatever you choose, you will have the skills to change the lives of people.