Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) in Food Safety and Quality

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People’s eating habits are constantly changing. And the world population is ever increasing while the Earth’s temperatures rise and biodiversity decreases. This means that what we eat becomes ever more important.

Therefore, society needs skilled food engineers who can risk assess and quality assure our food. The world needs experts in risk analysis and food safety, and those who want to create the next climate-friendly alternative to beef. We need engineers who know how to reduce energy consumption in food production, geek out the latest food technology, or work with risk assessment and quality assurance in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries.

With an education in food safety and quality, you can help ensure that we can eat healthier in the future without impacting our climate.

The Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) programme in Food Safety and Quality offers you a broad education that will give you the competences needed to ensure the quality of our diet and develop the foods of the future.

New food trends and technologies are constantly emerging, and in Food Safety and Quality, you are work with these rapid developments. Then it’s up to you whether your future is in raw materials, chemical or microbiological risk assessment, food production, or innovation.

Whatever you choose, with food safety and quality, you get an education that enables you to innovate people’s food habits and ensure the quality of their diet.