Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Design of Sustainable Energy Systems

Sustainable energy will be an essential component in safeguarding the welfare society of the future. Global energy systems are changing from fossil fuels to renewable energy. This is a huge technological challenge requiring creative engineers. Financially, environmentally, and socially viable solutions must be developed. The Design of Sustainable Energy Systems programme caters for students wishing to contribute to new, long-term energy solutions.


What will you learn?

On the Design of Sustainable Energy Systems programme, you will learn to design innovative solutions for energy systems and the many elements included in, for example, wind turbines, solar cells, electric cars, and storage. The programme also focuses on consumers’ new role as an active energy system player in a market in which intelligent and disruptive solutions are making themselves felt.

You will acquire a solid natural scientific background supplemented by discipline-specific energy courses in which the electrical system is the central unifying element. During your studies, you will spend a good deal of time in a brand-new learning environment with state-of-the-art laboratories, and with proximity to ongoing research activities.

Study programme structure

The first two semesters are characterized by basic natural science courses, mathematics, physics, and biology/chemistry, as well as two project-oriented courses on which you are to design your first energy solutions. The programme will subsequently focus increasingly on energy technologies, and how you can manage energy at both consumer level and system level.

Energy markets, economy, entrepreneurship, and digital solutions are dealt with midway through the study programme. In semesters 4-6 there is room for electives, which you select according to your interests. Project work constitutes a significant part of the programme, and you can develop innovative ideas already from the first semester. In the second half of the programme, you will have opportunities to engage in exciting projects in collaboration with companies. The programme is concluded with a BSc project.

Career opportunities

In combination with an MSc, you will be qualified for positions in energy planning, technology development, consultancy, or the energy industry. You can also get a job in one of the many newly established companies which deliver energy solutions to the growing global market, or start up your own business. Finally, there is growing global demand for researchers and developers.

Read more about the BSc programme in Design of Sustainable Energy Systems (in Danish)