Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Design and Innovation

What is the best idea in the world? Is it a chat robot? A hospital bed? Or a whole new way of applying technology? On the Bachelor of Science in Design and Innovation programme, you work to develop new ideas and implement them. Here, the solutions of the future start in the meeting between people and technology.

As an engineer in design and innovation, you can create creative and impactful answers to real-life challenges. It’s all about sociotechnology—i.e. the meeting between technology and society. You will learn to design, construct, and develop technological products and systems that can help users, industry, and society in general. You will deep-dive into the challenges of different people, and learn how to translate the challenges into innovation.

As a graduate, you can develop everything from solutions that help people with disabilities to the next and best loudspeaker. You will become an expert in understanding, explaining, and solving complex problems, and you will be ready to optimize and rethink the function, value, and aesthetics of products.

With a degree in Design and Innovation, the possibilities are many, but one thing is for certain: It is a study programme for those who want to develop technological solutions for people.

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