Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Electrical Engineering

very day, we are surrounded by electronic controls, sensors, and systems. We don’t necessarily think about it, but they are the ones that make our everyday lives and the world work. They’re everywhere—from phones to AEDs, computers, GPS systems, and speakers. On the Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering programme, you will become an expert in the technology behind and making it all possible.

Every day, we constantly rely on electronic technologies, but how they work can be difficult to understand. Electrotechnology is a hands-on tech programme, and you will learn how controls and systems work down to the smallest detail.

During the programme, you will build up your knowledge while being free to choose your subject of specialization.

Electrical engineers work in many different industries and with many different technologies. They optimize air transport. They develop hospital equipment. They design robots, and they maintain alarm systems. In a wide range of industries, electrical engineers optimize the technologies that connect the world. Every day, they make life easier, healthier, more sustainable, and safer for others.

The Electrical Engineering programme mixes internship and theory and prepare you to create technology that changes the future for the benefit of people.

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