Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Data Science and Management


Now, and in the future, the world is facing wild changes. The world population and cities are growing, our resources are becoming fewer, and the climate is struggling. If you choose to study Data Science and Management, you can help understand complex problems, find the right solutions, and make the important decisions.

How do we know if the medicine works? How do we make freight transport green? How does a modern city work? As the world evolves, reality becomes harder to understand, and our questions only get bigger. That’s why we need engineers more than ever to help companies and organizations with their decision-making.

Studying Data Science and Management, you will be able to understand all the data collected about us every day. You will be able to implement solutions that make a difference.

Combining technology, society, and economics, the Data Science and Management study programme equips you to address a multitude of challenges. You will learn to collect and analyse large amounts of data, and you will be equipped to translate information into actions that can shape the future.

As an engineer in data science and management, you will be ready to convert questions into answers—and answers into specific decisions.

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