Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Data Science and Management


The Western world will see major changes over the next few decades. Global challenges relating to energy, economics, safety, infrastructure, climate, health, and food will have a huge impact on our society—both nationally and internationally.The issues are highly complex, and large volumes of information and data must be analysed to understand, plan, and prioritize the possible solutions.

As a Data Science and Management engineer, you’ll gain specialist knowledge in technology, finance, and management that’s needed to be able to work with big data and help find the best solutions to complex problems.

What will you learn?

The Data Science and Management degree programme is a mix of various mathematical courses that enable you to process large amounts of data and apply your knowledge in companies and organizations.

You’ll gain a combination of technical, scientific, and business skills that will enable you to plan and optimize various production processes.

The degree programme will give you a unique and sought-after professional role as someone who can help make new technological solutions good business and benefit society at the same time.

During the degree programme, you’ll work with some of the real-life challenges that companies and organizations face.

Degree programme structure

You’ll take part in lectures, group work, project work and exercises, where you’ll work on topics such as mathematics, economics, project management, operations, and supply chain management. These are all concepts that you’ll become familiar with in the degree programme.

You’ll also have ample opportunity to design your own degree programme and create a unique profile that matches your interests based on your chosen elective courses.

There are some recommended programmes that can guide you if you’re in doubt about which courses make the best sense for you.

Career opportunities

With this master’s degree you’ll have good opportunities to work in large planning companies, in the consulting industry, in strategy units, or in public authorities.

You’ll be involved in decision-making, and work with planning, strategy, and decisions related to the needs and requirements of customers, society, and users.

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