Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Mechanical Engineering

The technological products and structures around us are of great importance to how we live. On the Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering programme, you will learn to design and manufacture the technology that helps create a good life—both for people and planet.

Society is packed with solutions that make our lives easier and better, such as hearing aids and leg prostheses, electric cars, and recyclable materials. Studying Mechanical Engineering, you learn to design the next groundbreaking product and expand our opportunities for a healthy, free, and green life. Engineers in mechanical engineering create concrete solutions to major challenges in energy, health, climate, transport, and space traffic.

In the study programme, you will learn to understand the entire production process, so you can drive change from design to mass production. The programme cultivates an innovative approach to manufacturing that enables you to rethink the structures of the world, and you learn to look at sustainability, so you can help create everything that drives the green transition. This is how you get ready to shape the technological solutions that transform our everyday lives—from artificial organs to new renewable energy or optimization of the shipping industry. 

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