Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Software Technology

Every time a software system solves a task, it helps us make smarter decisions or frees up time, so we don’t spend life on repetitive routines. Today—and especially in the future—is the software that makes our lives easier, freer, and safer. It is software that benefits people, and it is found in everything from smartphones, chatbots, and smart home equipment for optimized public administration.

Previously, software was limited to the computer science used in a variety of workplaces. Now it's everywhere. So we need skilled software engineers who can develop and manage the complex software solutions found in all of society’s most important processes, while safeguarding our privacy.

If you choose to study Software Technology, your computer will become your lab where you can find answers to the world’s important questions. Here you can work for a greener future by developing solutions that save energy or streamline heavy work processes. You can safeguard our private data with an innovative software tool, or you can use artificial intelligence or algorithms to optimize processes in production, traffic, administration, or healthcare.

In a mix of theory and hands-on work, Software Technology prepares you for developing the great software solutions the world is waiting for.

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