Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Biomedical Engineering

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The world needs engineers who develop technology that can diagnose, heal, and improve the everyday lives of sick people. This is the technology that now—and in the future—plays a crucial role in a healthy society. On the Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering programme, you can help create solutions that can change lives.

Every minute, the healthcare system uses modern technologies to help diagnose, heal, and reduce the discomfort of people with diseases. If you study Biomedical Engineering, you can work on developing and improving that technology. The programme is both taught at DTU and at the University of Copenhagen. Together, the two universities will equip you to combine medical knowledge with engineering competences. How to get ready to create technological solutions that make a difference.

Graduate medical engineers spend their working lives finding solutions to important health-related challenges. They combine traditional technology with the latest software. They design sustainable equipment to fit healthcare professionals around the world. They develop treatment devices, and they collect and process data that makes us more aware of serious diseases. Together, they design solutions that are used daily by medico-technical companies, doctors, and other healthcare workers.

If you study Biomedical Engineering, you can help create technology that improves and changes people’s lives every day.

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