Bachelor of Science (BSc) in General Engineering - taught in Danish

Do you want to become an expert in the technologies that create the chemistry of future energy systems? And do you want to follow an engineering programme where you can move academically without moving physically? Then DTU’s digital study programme Technology may be for you.

General Engineering - taught in Danish

What will you learn?

The study programme gives you a solid academic foundation in general engineering subjects such as mathematics, physics, and programming, combined with in-depth studies in chemistry and work with Power-to-X as a recurring theme.

Power-to-X is a generic term for the technologies needed to replace fossil fuel consumption completely in the chemical industry, heavy-goods transport by road, and shipping and aviation. Therefore, Power-to-X plays a crucial role in achieving the climate goals.

During your study programme, you will learn how to solve engineering challenges, and you will also learn how to implement sustainable solutions for the benefit of people. You will find these solutions together with your fellow students while working on business collaborations and solving real-life problems.

Study programme structure

Technology is an online study programme where you learn to collaborate, program, model, and experiment, including with virtual laboratory work. In your day-to-day studies, you alternate between a wide range of working methods such as independent work, class instruction, and group and project work in close collaboration with your fellow students and lecturers.

All class instruction takes place online, and there is only physical attendance for some exams.

Career opportunities

How your career turns out depends largely on which MSc programme direction you choose after completing your BSc programme.

With a BSc degree from Technology, you are qualified to enrol in a number of Master of Science (MSc) programmes at DTU and other universities. When you graduate as a Master of Science (MSc), you can, for example, work in the energy sector, the chemical or materials technology industry, in a public administration, or in the control and supervision of chemical production.

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